In a world of fleeting trends and temporary indulgences, there is something truly enchanting about permanent jewelry. Far from the ordinary, these captivating adornments tell stories, evoke emotions, and leave an everlasting mark on the wearer's identity. Delve into the whimsical realm of permanent jewelry, also called forever jewelry, and discover the charm it brings your style.

 Step into a world where jewelry transcends its traditional bounds. Permanent jewelry offers a delightful departure from the mainstream, infusing your personal style with a piece you can wear forever. These unique pieces embrace your essence and forever set you apart.

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 Artisans like Julia Fryer, who specialize in permanent jewelry, are the gatekeepers of this art form, and Julia has been able to infuse it with her personal touch. She channels her creativity into handcrafted treasures, combining meticulous attention to detail with a marriage between clean lines and organic/natural beauty.

 Julia started her apprenticeship with a master goldsmith when she was 16 years old, and that became a 6 year long love affair for all things jewelry! Despite a detour she took to get her B.S. and M.S. in agriculture, she found her way back to the jeweler's bench. We at Bella Vita are pleased to announce she will be at our shop every 2nd Saturday unless otherwise noted! We encourage you to grab your besties and come curate your own piece of permanent jewelry! 

 Julia has come to realize that the allure of permanent jewelry lies in its ability to uniquely celebrate our individuality in a lasting way. These beautiful chains and charms are welded onto your wrist or ankle (don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing!), giving you a permanent piece of art. Julia only offers solid 14K gold and sterling silver chains. She does not offer gold filled, making her unique from other companies. From whimsical motifs and vibrant colors to custom chains, forever jewelry offers a refreshing departure from the ordinary. 

 By adorning yourself with these remarkable pieces, you embody the spirit of the small businesses that bring them to life and celebrate the power of embracing your own distinctive charm. Speaking of charm, Bella Vita’s twist on this already unique experience has to do with our charms! All handcrafted or ethically sought, our charms make the PERFECT adornment for these timeless links. Choose from our gorgeous pieces or order a custom charm, to create a truly one of a kind piece! 

Handmade charms for permanent jewelry

natural gemstone charms

 By adorning yourself with these unique creations, you not only express your individuality but also support the passionate artisans who infuse each piece with their creativity and love. So, let your style radiate with timeless allure, for permanent jewelry is a captivating reminder that beauty is found in the most unexpected places.

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, and Julia’s Facebook and Instagram for permanent jewelry gorgeousness!  And don't forget to join us on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 1-4 p.m.!

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