It is Bella Vita’s Pleasure to welcome the month of August. 

In the truest Bella Vita fashion, the first recognition for this new month is all the Leo’s in our lives, and the second recognition goes to the gemstone of the month, peridot! In case you’re wondering about this star sign or gem, be sure to keep a close lookout for our blog post later this month. The blog will cover all your questions concerning this month’s star sign and the amazing properties of peridot! In the meantime, be sure to check out our selection of crystals and our zodiac cards if you need a quick gift. 

Now that we’ve captured your attention with the star signs and gemstone it’s time to recognize our favorite fearless leader! 

Brandy Thomason McNair (a Cancer rising), the creative force behind Bella Vita Jewelry, has carved a niche in the world of handcrafted jewelry. If you don’t find her creating in the shop you can find her with her hands in the garden or in her kitchen cooking up the gardens abundance. 

A Journey of Creativity and Entrepreneurship:

Brandy Thomason McNair's story as an artisan began at a little bead shop nestled in Eureka Springs. From the outset, her mission was clear – to create jewelry that not only adorned but also resonated with its wearers. Guided by a commitment to authenticity, Brandy embarked on her journey, showcasing her creations at local art fairs and retail craft shows.

The Art of Handcrafted Perfection:

At the heart of Bella Vita Jewelry lies the magic of hand craftsmanship. In the Bella Vita Studio, located in a beautifully restored century-old building, heart and soul are poured into each piece. Her creations encompass personalized and hand-stamped charms, the beauty of natural stones, the allure of hand-cast bronze and sterling pendants, and the nostalgia of vintage baubles. 

Small Batches, One-of-a-Kind Charms:

One of the hallmarks of Bella Vita Jewelry is its limited production and unique charm. Brandy firmly believes that every piece should carry a story and reflect the essence of its wearer. By producing her jewelry in small batches and crafting one-of-a-kind runs, she ensures that each customer experiences a connection with their chosen piece, knowing it is truly theirs alone. This philosophy has garnered her a loyal and devoted clientele, from local admirers to international enthusiasts.


The Heart and Soul of Bella Vita Studio:

The Bella Vita Studio is more than just a workspace; it is the soul of Brandy's artistic expression. The studio exudes an aura of creativity and inspiration. Here, amidst the tools of her trade, Brandy immerses herself in the joy of creation. This space is where art and passion intertwine to bring life to extraordinary jewelry and baubles.


Life Beyond the Studio:

While Bella Vita Jewelry is Brandy's professional calling, she also cherishes the moments away from the studio. When she's not tending to her growing small business, Brandy enjoys spending time with her husband, who has been her constant support and encouragement. Gardening serves as a creative outlet beyond jewelry-making, and local flea markets are a treasure trove of inspiration. Moreover, her love for travel enriches her creative senses, infusing her work with diverse influences and cultural nuances.

And any Brandy introduction without the mention of Chester is no introduction at all. Chester is the #littlerockshopdog is either at Brandy’s side or getting love from his favorite customers! 

Chester's presence adds warmth and joy to the Bella Vita Studio, reminding Brandy to embrace life's little pleasures and to find moments of playfulness. 

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for! Brandy loves supporting local shops like Paper Hearts Books, Box Turtle, Domestic Domestic, Ozark Outdoor, Control Records, and The Good Earth. Favorite restaurants of the moment: Rosies Pot and Kettle and Raduno. Fav beer any IPA. Fav ice cream Key Lime Pie from Loblolly. Fav color PINK!

We also have Brandy’s top five favorite shop items, as of right now. They probably change day-to-day because she has so many AMAZING items but these are her favs today (and a little reminder, you can buy ALL of these online!):

1. This GORGEOUS moonflower heirloom necklace

2. A daisy chain necklace made in the Czech Republic! 

3. The perfect playful pens, and they’re tik tok famous? Take my money! 

4. The perfect thing for an Arkansas evening: Citronella Sticks. Light em’ and keep those pesky mosquitoes aways! 

5. On the theme of sticks you can light on fire, one of Brandy’s current fav is this Namdroling Tibetan Incense. This incense uses the ancient Tibetan formula and produces the perfect earthy, floral scent! 

6. And last but not least we all know we need to drink more water and this travel cup makes it easier! Plus it's cute making drinking what even EASIER! 

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