How it's Made



Bella Vita Jewelry

I'm Brandy Thomason McNair, and I create artisan jewelry with an eye for design and a love of all things vintage. 

For me, Bella Vita Jewelry is about an appreciation for style and craft. It lets me work with my hands, curate and blend objects and elements, and create a way for people to express their natural style.

Personal Stories

For my customers, it's about making that thoughtful statement - sharing their story with the pieces they wear. It could be the story of their people or places, as they take a bit of their loved ones - or their home state - with them wherever they go.

Preserving History

Sometimes a piece of jewelry already has a story. I often go "treasure hunting" around the country, searching for natural and vintage elements to use in my work. Old lockets, gemstones, chains - materials with meaning continually inspire my designs and give Bella Vita Jewelry that authentic feel, like a patina.

Weaving It All Together

How I curate these elements and design and craft what they become is a story I like to share as well. Raw materials, unfinished pieces, snapshots into my studio, and bits of inspiration along the way - these are just glimpses into my artisan approach. It's a bit like seeing the kind of details you're most drawn to, being "written" along the way. So whether small and simple or a statement piece, a little bit of Bella Vita Jewelry helps you tell your story, too.