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How It's Made

Discover the intricate craftsmanship and passion behind every Bella Vita Jewelry piece. Experience the art of jewelry making, where design and creativity come alive.

An Artisan Experience

Bella Vita Jewelry

At Bella Vita Jewelry, art meets elegance. Our handcrafted items, which Brandy Thomason McNair founded, combine vintage charm and modern grace. Embrace the beauty of unique designs lovingly created for you.

Preserving History

Our jewelry is an ode to history. Brandy's treasure hunts across the country bring together vintage lockets, gemstones, and chains. These timeless elements breathe life into Bella Vita's unique and authentic designs.

The Artisan Journey

Weaving It All Together

Join us on a creative journey from inspiration to creation. Witness the transformation of raw materials into stunning pieces of art. Each Bella Vita piece is a symphony of skill, passion, and innovation—a true artisan experience.

Personal Stories
Personal Stories
"One of my favorite places on the planet. I try to plan a visit to Brandy and her lovely store at least once a year, traveling from Dallas to Little Rock for a quiet weekend of retail therapy. This business is so special. The jewelry craftsmanship is top-notch with beautiful gemstones and metalwork. There are so many fun things to see and to buy for yourself and others. The vibe there is so pure. Love everything about Bella Vita."
— Phyllis
Personal Stories
"This has been one of my favorite shops for years. If you see me I usually have on at least 3-4 pieces of jewelry I’ve bought here. Their clothing and home goods are so beautiful and unique. Can’t recommend it enough."
— Shelby Raney
Personal Stories
"I’m in Seattle and ran into a lady wearing a beautiful bracelet that she got at Bella Vita. I called, described the bracelet, and asked if it was possible to order one. Great customer service! The bracelet arrived quickly and is fantastic; very unique, with excellent craftsmanship, and the beads are of a much higher quality than those found in similar bracelets. Bella Vita did a great job in choosing the beads, color scheme, and placement of beads. A really good experience all the way around!"
— D. Benson
Personal Stories
"Absolutely the best local jewelry and more shop in Little Rock. From the greetings, smiles, and abundant inventory, it just can’t get any better, well, then there is Chester❤️❤️ the Shop Dog. Check out the “pop up” shops, to see what else they offer."
— Kristi
Personal Stories
"First of all, the shop dog, Chester, is a FUR ANGEL! The girls that work there are so kind and cool. The vibe is wonderful and ALL the merchandise is beautiful. Just a great all-around shopping experience. You won’t be sorry you went in. ♥️🌈💕💐 🏼🐶🐶🐶"
— Claire Hettinger

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