Who is the icon of your friends group? The one who brought you all together in the first place, and the one who starts up the group chat to plan your next summer BBQ? We’re going to guess they have a June birthday—a social Gemini or a heart-forward Cancer, they consistently bring the party, and it’s only fair you share the love with them in return.

Gift a June birthstone—classic pearls or soothing moonstone—to celebrate the vibrant charm of your summer birthday loved ones. 


Timeless and distinctive, pearls have turned heads and captured minds for millennia. Recognized for their healing and calming properties, pearls are a thoughtful gift for a loved one who spends so much energy on ensuring the joy of others that they might neglect their own self-care. 

Pearls can serve as reminders of personal beauty and grace, and are thought to have the power to purify a busy mind. They are traditionally a love-inspired gift, equally perfect for a sweetheart or a sweet friend. 

And what would tradition be without a novel twist? To balance the classic with the modern, we have designed pearl pieces with unmistakeable personality. 

white pearl necklace and earrings
Pearl Necklace & Earring Gift Sets

Drawing inspiration from the seasonal Pantone Color Forecast, we have designed pearl sets that range from studious and serious to lively and lighthearted. No matter who you’re celebrating, there is a pearl set for them. 


gray pearl necklace and earrings

More Pearl Gift Sets

The moodier the better for the June birthday in your life? Surprise them with a Gray Pearl Gift Set. Luminous but brooding, this set is a great compliment to a “Dark Academia” wardrobe, or a unique finishing touch for an elegant night out. 

green pearl earrings
Green Pearl Earrings

For a loved one with three closets and three hundred pairs of heels, these Green Pearl Earrings work hard and play harder. Reveling in the unexpected is a full-time job, and we are so energized by those who live their lives seeking electrifying newness.


June may be the month of the solstice, but its gorgeous evenings, filled with moonlit beach walks, can be even more magical. The calm nights after long, warm days act as a balm for the soul. 

Moonstone carries that healing power each moment throughout the day. Famous as far back as Ancient Rome for its intriguing ethereal beauty, moonstone is a lovely gift for loved ones looking to stay grounded, and those content to have their head in the clouds alike.

ring with sun and half moon detail with moonstone gem
Sun and Moon Ring

Celebrate a loved one who exemplifies the invigorating tension of celestial bodies with this Sun and Moon Ring, or Sun and Moon Bangle. These designs are a perfect reminder of the importance of both adventure and rest.


beaded moonstone bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Deceptively dainty, this Rainbow Moonstone Necklace reflects lunar gravity, and the undeniable pull of the life of the party. Thank your loved ones for creating the tides that guide your greatest memories with this otherworldly necklace.


More Gift Ideas for Cancer Star Signs

gold and silver zodiac charm pendants
Zodiac Charm Necklace

If you’re looking for a simple style with not-so-simple details, try a Silver or Gold-plated Cancer Zodiac Charm Necklace—ideal for the loved one with subtle flair. 


star sign names stamped onto brass cuffs
Zodiac Cuff 

Does your astrology-loving friend seem to already have every available Cancer accessory? They probably don’t have this hand-stamped Cancer sign Zodiac Cuff—but they should.


multiple pairs og gemstone earrings with hoops and a dangling stone
Rose Quartz Earrings

Recognized as a Cancer gemstone, Rose Quartz promotes a soft, clear, and open heart. Share these Rose Quartz Earrings to remind a loved one of the brightness they bring to the world.


Box with Cancer star sign cards, bracelet, and crystal and a mushroom theme birthday card
Birthday Gift Box

They deserve it all! Bring them the whole party with a Birthday Gift Box.

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