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Who We Are

At Bella Vita Jewelry, we believe in creating meaningful, handcrafted jewelry that tells a story. Each piece is a blend of vintage charm and modern craftsmanship, made with love in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our Values

  • Infectious Positivity - We believe in bringing our best selves to work each day, acknowledging that everyone's best can vary. We understand the impact of our energies and prioritize communication that is professional, respectful, and solution-oriented.

  • Compassion and Care - We check in with our colleagues and are attentive to each other's needs. Kindness and respect are at the core of our interactions, and we help each other whenever possible.

  • Innovation - We are committed to continuous personal and professional growth. Adaptability and an internal drive for development are key, as we strive to enhance our customers' experience through innovation.

  • Personal Development - We aim to be our best selves and encourage others to do the same. Humility, good judgment, and careful listening guide our actions, rather than quick reactions.

  • Work-Life Balance - We get our work done while maintaining a sense of fun. We understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility, and we believe that a fulfilling life outside of work contributes to being a better employee at work.

How to Apply

Interested in joining our team? Send your resume and a brief message explaining your interest in the position and relevant experience to Include the position you’re applying for in the subject line.