It’s August and there’s a smell of fall churning in the air! The changing of seasons and months means the changing of the stars. We introduce the end of leo season and the beginning of virgo season. Before we entice you with our gorgeous gifts, let’s deep dive into the two zodiacs!

Leo: The Roar of Radiance

Welcome, darlings, to the glittering stage of Leo, where the spotlight follows their every move. Imagine a world where your hair always flutters dramatically, and your laughter could light up Times Square. Leos are the zodiac's resident dramatists, penning their life story with flair and adorned with a wardrobe that's a symphony of sequins. This month, the stars are throwing a grand soirée for Leos, with champagne wishes and stardust dreams on the menu. So grab your feathered boa and prepare to bask in the glow of your own fabulousness, dear Leo. The cosmic red carpet awaits your fabulous entrance!

Virgo: The Organized Magic

Virgos are the celestial unicorns of the zodiac, swirling in a blend of practicality and enchantment. With an uncanny ability to spot a mismatched sock from a mile away, they're the true heroes of the lost-and-found department. Come Late August to mid- September, as the stars twirl, Virgos are ready to harness their organizational prowess for an adventure that's as colorfully curated as our shop. Expect spontaneous picnics in perfectly manicured gardens and a dash of mischief hidden behind impeccable bookshelves. Ready to sprinkle some ordered magic into your life?

Now it's time to introduce our captivating Lion Heirloom Necklace along with the star sign copper hangers, each thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the Leo and Virgo signs. The heirloom necklace boasts an elegant pendant featuring the symbol of the majestic lion, suspended from a delicate chain. 

This piece serves as both a stylish accessory and a meaningful representation of Leo's confident and passionate nature. Along with the practical but kind nature of Virgo's, these pieces are a constant reminder of the duality of the star sign. 

For those seeking to infuse their surroundings with astrological allure, our Leo and Virgo Copper Hanger offers a touch of cosmic elegance. Skillfully handcrafted, the copper is shaped with the Leo symbol adding a hint of regality to any space. Whether worn or displayed, these items encapsulate the unique qualities of Leo and Virgo, making them an ideal choice for personal expression or heartfelt gifting! 









We’ve also got birthstone necklaces, whether you’re a leo or virgo we’ve got the stones for you. Dainty and stunning they’d look good around anyone’s neck. 







Maybe you’re looking for a different accessory? Maybe a cuff? Well we’ve got it! This gorgeous copper wrist cuff makes the perfect accessory to any outfit- versatile, simple AND handmade. 

While these items are perfect for the leo and virgo in your life - or for you if you so happen to be one - we also have Witches’ calendars AND astrological calendars that tell the tales of the moon, stars and zodiac signs. These calendars are out of this world and would look beautiful displayed in your home, sunroom, or classroom!

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