In a world inundated with mass-produced goods, there's an undeniable charm in owning something that's been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. In our September roundup, we shine a spotlight on small business and artisans that curate and offer a delightful range of products, each telling its own story! From tantalizing Watermelon Mojito Cocktails with Chili Lime Hibiscus Salt to elegant Smiling Sun Necklaces, One of a Kind Ocean Jasper Necklace Sets, Ceramic Incense Burners, and intricately Hand-Embroidered Brooches, we explore Bella Vita’s September favorites!

1. Watermelon Mojito Cocktail & Chili Lime Hibiscus Salt

Imagine sipping on a refreshing cocktail that combines the natural sweetness of watermelon with the zing of lime and a touch of heat from chili. This Watermelon Mojito Cocktail, complemented by the unique Chili Lime Hibiscus Salt, offers a sensory journey that's both invigorating and indulgent! Handcrafted using premium ingredients, this cocktail mix embodies the perfect blend of flavors, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a twist on a classic favorite. Super easy to concoct, just add your favorite spirit to the mix jar and let it sit for a day or three. This tasty cocktail allows you to live your practical magic midnight kitchen vibes!



2. Smiling Sun Necklace

Adorn yourself with a piece of wearable art that captures the warmth and positivity of a sun-kissed morning. The Smiling Sun Necklace is made from hand carved abalone shell on a gold plated satellite chain. Crafted with attention to detail, this necklace radiates both elegance and cheerfulness.

3.  One of a Kind Ocean Jasper Sets - Necklaces and Earrings

Nature's breathtaking beauty comes to life in the form of the One of a Kind Ocean Jasper Sets. Meticulously sourced and expertly crafted, these necklaces and earrings showcase the mesmerizing patterns and hues found within ocean jasper stones. With each piece being genuinely unique, wearers can revel in the knowledge that they possess a slice of nature's artistry, reflecting the earth's natural wonders. Choose your favorite set of stones and let our artisans create your new go to jewelry for the end of Summer!


4. Ceramic Incense Burner

Scent has the power to transport us to distant memories and create an ambiance of tranquility. The Ceramic Incense Burner combines functionality with artistic design, offering a captivating way to infuse your surroundings with delicate fragrances. Handmade with care, these burners not only serve as aromatic companions but also as eye-catching decor pieces that add a touch of whimsy to any space.


5. Hand-Embroidered Brooch

The art of embroidery takes center stage in the form of the Hand-Embroidered Brooch. Meticulous stitches form intricate patterns, depicting scenes inspired by nature, culture, and life. These brooches are a testimony to the dedication of Indian artisans, who channel their creativity and skill into crafting these miniature works of art. Whether pinned to your attire or displayed as an artistic keepsake, the brooches add a touch of traditional charm to modern aesthetics.

From the tantalizing Watermelon Mojito Cocktail with Chili Lime Hibiscus Salt to the intricate Hand-Embroidered Brooches, each creation is a testament to the featured artisans’ dedication to their craft. Whether it’s our signature jewelry that is handcrafted in our downtown studio or the high quality, fair trade items we import, by choosing these products, you not only embrace a piece of the artisans heritage but also support the skilled hands that bring these unique creations to life! 


All items can be found in the shop and most items can also be found online. If you see something you want but can’t find it online, feel free to call or text us, 501-396-9146. And if you are local or want to take a road trip to Little Rock, come on by 11 AM - 5:30 PM Tuesday through Friday or Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM

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