Perfume Oils From India

$12.00 USD
We love these perfume oils, wear it on your wrist or add a few drops to a luxurious bath!
  • Ambrosia- soft ambergris is a type bouquet; one of the most popular fragrances.
  • Bedroom Special- rich, sweet floral; exotic and heady; a long-lasting bouquet. 
  • Champa- this blend of oil mimics a sweet, slightly woodsy smell.
  • Dragon's Blood- sweet and soft, rich and slightly amber-like.
  • Egyptian Musk- bouquet of amber, sandalwood, frankincense and aloeswood. 
  • Goddess of the Moon- spicy jasmine bouquet.
  • Golden Sandalwood- a truly unique sandalwood, sweet & resinous with a vanilla overtone.
  • Patchouli Extra- a mix of patchouli's from many locations producing a unique blend unlike any other.