Namdroling Tibetan Incense

$24.00 USD
This incense uses the ancient traditional Tibetan Buddhist formulas. It uses the finest natural ingredients which contains more than 28 different Himalayan herbs, spices and flowers. This incense contains a blend of precious aromatic substances such as juniper, liquorice, agarwood, myrrh, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vetiver, kusum flower, sandalwood powder and resins.

This incense produces a rich earthy and authentic aroma which can help to calm and soothe restless minds. It is widely used to cleanse negative energy and also as an aid for meditation and relaxation.
  • This incense contains 27 incense sticks.
  • Size: 10"
  • Weight: 130 grams approx
  • Comes with a burner
  • Sticks burn for appx 1.5 hrs.

About the Brand: Nepa Craft
NepaCrafts is a family owned business from the Birth Place of Buddha, Nepal. Our journey in the online platform started in 1998 with eBay in Hannover, Germany. Since then, we have continued to provide the glimpses of Nepal-Tibet Arts and Handicrafts to the world.

We have been empowering women creation, as our company motto is Development of Small and Cottage Enterprise-Women Creation. What our women artisans create are exclusively handmade, unique, Eco-friendly and most of all, honest.

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