Hey there, sky enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados! I'm Brandy from Bella Vita Jewelry, and I can't wait to share with you something truly out of this world. As the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, draws near, we in Little Rock, AR, are buzzing with anticipation. This isn't just an astronomical event; it's a source of inspiration for our breathtaking Eclipse Collection. So, come along with me on this celestial adventure!

The 2024 Solar Eclipse: A Skywatcher's Dream

Remember the eclipse of 2017? Well, fasten your seatbelts because the 2024 eclipse is going to be even more spectacular! We're talking about a longer totality that'll cast a mesmerizing shadow across North America and my home state of Arkansas is in the direct path. Imagine the moon playfully blocking the sun, creating a moment that'll leave you in awe. And let's not forget, the sun's corona and planets like Venus and Jupiter will be the stars (literally) of the show!

Viewing the Eclipse Safely

Safety first, folks! As we prepare to dive into this cosmic spectacle, let's remember to protect our eyes. Special-purpose solar filters, like those cool eclipse glasses, are a must. They're not just trendy; they comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. So, let's gear up for a safe and unforgettable sky party! 

Eclipse Science and Jewelry: A Blend of Art and Astronomy

At Bella Vita, the 2024 Solar Eclipse isn't just an astronomical event; it's a muse that has inspired our Eclipse Collection. Each piece in this collection is a harmonious blend of scientific accuracy and artistic expression, reflecting the unique celestial dance of the moon and sun.

  • 2024 Eclipse Necklace

2024 Eclipse Necklace: A Celestial Masterpiece

Our 2024 Eclipse Necklace isn't just jewelry; it's a tribute to the cosmic ballet. Crafted from sterling silver with a touch of gold, this piece is born from a watercolor painting I created, inspired by the upcoming eclipse. The pendant, about 1" long and 1/2" wide, captures the precise moment of totality. It's a wearable expression of that rare, awe-inspiring alignment of the sun and moon. The necklace, available with an 18" or 24" sterling silver ball chain, is more than an accessory – it's a piece of the cosmos you can carry with you. Explore this cosmic harmony here.

Our Growing Celestial Collection

The Eclipse Collection is just the beginning of our celestial journey. We're continually expanding our universe of jewelry, drawing inspiration from the stars, planets, and the infinite beauty of the night sky. Each piece in our collection is designed to not just adorn but to connect you with the vastness of the cosmos. From intricate designs mimicking constellations to pieces that capture the ethereal glow of moonlight, our collection is an ever-evolving tribute to the wonders above. Discover the entire collection and find your celestial match.

Our Eclipse Party: 2nd Friday Art Night - Celestial Social

Join us at Bella Vita Jewelry for an enchanting evening at our 2nd Friday Art Night - Celestial Social on March 8, 2024. This event promises a cosmic journey in anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse. Set in the heart of Little Rock at 108 W. 6th St., the Celestial Social is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a universe of artistic expression and celestial wonder. Expect an evening filled with creativity, community, and a stellar atmosphere as we celebrate the celestial spectacle that awaits us. This event is a perfect blend of art, socializing, and astronomical excitement, making it an unmissable part of the eclipse season in Little Rock. For more details, visit the event page here.

Events in Little Rock and Nearby Areas

  • Little Rock's Eclipse Fever: A Community United in Awe: As Little Rock eagerly anticipates the Great North American Eclipse on April 8, 2024, the city is buzzing with a series of celebratory events. The Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau is hosting a spectacular three-day concert series at First Security Amphitheater, featuring diverse musical acts like Rodney Block Collective & All-Star Friends, Ward Davis, and The Machine Performs Pink Floyd. These concerts, set against the backdrop of the eclipse, offer a unique blend of cosmic wonder and vibrant music. Additionally, various viewing spots across the city, from the lively downtown to the serene Pinnacle Mountain State Park, provide perfect locations for witnessing this rare celestial event. For more details on the eclipse festivities and viewing locations in Little Rock, check out Little Rock's Eclipse 2024 page.
  • Little Rock Zoo Eclipse Experience: The Little Rock Zoo is going all out for the eclipse with options like the Party on the Path Picnic and the Pull Up on the Path Tailgate Party. Tickets for the picnic are $20 for members and $32 for non-members, including zoo admission, a meal, and eclipse glasses. The Tailgate Party, a VIP event at $1,500, offers exclusive parking, breakfast with mimosas, a catered lunch, and unique animal encounters. Learn more about the Zoo's event.
  • SoMa in the Dark - Eclipse Watch Party: The SoMa District's watch party is a community affair, with a viewing area stretching from 12th to 17th Streets. Expect seats, telescopes, refreshments, and viewing glasses. Engage in the diorama contest or explore the Astro Market's hands-on astronomy workshops. This event is a blend of education and celebration, perfect for families and enthusiasts alike. Find out more about SoMa's event.
  • Ecliptic 2024 in Hot Springs: Atlas Obscura's Ecliptic Festival in Hot Springs is a four-day extravaganza combining music, science, art, and the wonder of the eclipse. With day passes available, the festival near Hot Springs National Park is set to offer a full viewing experience, along with world-renowned musical performances and state-of-the-art classes. Discover more about Ecliptic 2024.
  • Statewide Celebrations in Arkansas: Across Arkansas, the eclipse is bringing together communities for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From urban settings to tranquil natural spaces, there's a viewing spot for everyone. Plan your adventure and find unique events across The Natural State. Explore statewide events in Arkansas.

As we count down to this extraordinary celestial event, Bella Vita Jewelry invites you to join us in celebrating with our Eclipse Collection. These pieces are not just jewelry; they're a connection to the cosmos and a way to hold onto the magic of the eclipse. Whether you're witnessing it in Little Rock or from afar, our collection offers the perfect way to commemorate this celestial dance. Visit us in-store or explore our collection online and be part of this spectacular cosmic event.

February 26, 2024 — Brandy McNair

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