This Valentines we want to celebrate something a little different; radical self love. We hear about self love all the time but what does it mean to radically love yourself? Radical self love is an ongoing process that involves unlearning toxic beliefs about inferiority and body image and replacing them with self-acceptance and compassion. And it's not just a belief that you are more than good enough; it's taking action by caring for your body and mind. We're tossing the cheesy jewelry and replacing it with meaningful mantras and reminders of self worth. Let's dive into my favorites right now.

Brandy's Self Love Club Favorites
A box of 15 truffle all an assortment of flavors
Markham & Fitz Chocolate Truffle Box
Up first we have Markham & Fitz 15 piece truffle box. This is not your typical Valentines box of chocolate. These delicious truffles are made right here in Arkansas by people who genuinely care not only about the quality of their product, but the footprint they leave behind! Their values are simple: celebrate people, choose sustainability, produce excellence, see the good. They honor the invisible woven network of people and plants that sustains our lives & livelihoods. Believing that truly good things take time, intention, and an unrelenting commitment to a more just world. How's that for radical love? Come by the store and grab yours before they're all gone!

 our fortune cookie locket necklace with sprinkled flower pedals all around
I have been so excited to debut these fortune cookie lockets you have no idea! This locket can be the perfect gift to treat yourself or be treated to. After writing down a word or a phrase, just stick the paper back into the locket and carry it around with you.  Words are powerful, and so is intention. This little locket combines both of those perfectly in the cutest way.

This is only stud were celebrating! 
How cute are these gemstone earrings? They are the perfect addition to anyones collection and truly have no age to them. These would be a great gift for yourself, your daughter, or your mom! We have 3 different stones for you to choose from; black onyx, white opal, and red jasper. Each stone having its own purpose and energy, which will you decide?

our wood flower bouquet wall hanging. it has red blue and yellow flowers
These really do take the cake. My love for flowers is no secret, and real or not I love these just the same. Made from sustainable sourced birch, these hand printed art fixtures are a beautiful reminder of self worth and can stay up all year round. Birch has become a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and growth. It’s a sacred tree within the mythology of the Celts and is thought to have very protective influences. Skip the grocery store roses and buy yourself some flowers that will last you a lifetime. Romance yourself, choose yourself.
Picture of Jotter Pen Sets 
Signing our love letters to ourselves xoxo with these Jotter Jane pens. We cannot get enough of these adorable pens and neither can y'all! Its only fair that we stock up on some for v-day. Wether you're feeling the classic vibe or a little spicy these make for the perfect gift...for yourself of course! Your best friends will love these pens too! We all could use a little pick me up or a cute little reminder in our work day that you know what, my butt DOES look great. Beyonce once said "Talkin' to myself in the mirror like, "sis, you my boo"' and that is the exact energy we are trying to harness here!

Wether you're single, happily married, living alone or with roommates, you owe it to yourself to do something nice for YOU. Your younger self had hearts in her eyes dreaming of how romantic Valentines day would be for you when you get older. Little did she know that it was going to be you that gave yourself everything you wanted and more.  We aren't just celebrating this for one week were celebrating radical self love all year round! Remember to be kind to yourself!

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