Good Vibes Gemstone Bracelets

$48.00 USD

This collection is made with the intention to be worn by anyone who needs some *GOOD VIBES* in their life. Each stone has its own unique qualities, and each bracelet is finished off with 2 African brass beads and a shungite stone to provide grounding so the good vibes can start flowing! Made by hand with heart and intention.

  • Bracelets are  7" or 8 " in diameter, and are strung on plastic elastic and roll on your wrist.
  • Handcrafted in Little Rock, Arkansas.

CARNELIAN VIBES: Creativity, fire, passion, confidence booster, heroic courage

GRAY MOONSTONE VIBES: Intuition, moon magic, dreams, shimmery reflection pools, calm

CITRINE VIBES: Abundance, manifestation, golden bags of money, the sun, starting new projects

TIBETAN DZI EYE VIBES: Protection, evil eye beads, luck and good fortune, ancient temples and incense 

TOURMALATED QUARTZ VIBES: Clear mountain springs and clear thoughts, purifying and grounding

JADE VIBES: Growing a lush garden, good luck talisman, heart and health, peace and prosperity

LAPIS LAZULI VIBES: A starry night sky, speaking your truth, nobility, ultramarine on a painter’s palette, wisdom, visionary

JET VIBES: Ancient trees, standing your ground, protection from negativity, cozy warm cabin during a thunderstorm

Our images are the best representation of our designs and there may be some variation in your shipment due to the handmade nature of our products. 

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