Mother's Day is more than a celebration; it's a chance to bond, create, and share stories. At Bella Vita Jewelry, we believe in the power of these shared moments, especially when they're woven into the creation of something beautiful.

Crafting Memories, One Piece at a Time

Imagine selecting a piece of jewelry with your mom, not just from a showcase, but from the very beginning of its journey. It's a chance to talk, laugh, and share stories. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than by creating something together?

Selecting Your Canvas

Your journey starts with choosing a base for your creation. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, each piece tells a story. Talk about your favorite memories, colors, and styles as you browse through Bella Vita's collections.

Personalization: Heart and Soul of Your Piece

Personalizing your jewelry piece is where the magic happens. Engrave her favorite quote on a charm, or choose a birthstone that resonates with a significant moment. This process isn't just about the final product; it's about the moments shared as you decide on these elements.

DIY Events: Crafting Together

This Mother's Day, Bella Vita Jewelry invites you to join us for a series of creative and engaging DIY events. Immerse yourself in the art of jewelry making and create lasting memories with your loved ones at our special events.

Cocktail and Earring Making Class at Rock Town Distillery

Craft the perfect Mother's Day gift at our unique Cocktail and Earring Making Class. Join us at Rock Town Distillery on May 7th and 9th from 7:30 PM. Enjoy an enchanting evening of mixology and jewelry creation under the guidance of Brandy McNair. Reserve your spot for this creative celebration.

Heart of Downtown Little Rock Food Tour

Explore the heart of Downtown Little Rock with Brandy & Matt from Bella Vita and Kevin from The Mighty Rib. This exclusive food tour will take you through historic sites, where you can taste local delicacies and uncover hidden gems. Join us on May 18th, 2024, from 4 PM to 7 PM. Make sure to book your tour early, as spaces are limited.

A Gift that Lasts Beyond a Day

The jewelry you create together isn’t just a Mother’s Day gift. It's a timeless keepsake, filled with the laughter and love of its creation. It’s a piece that’ll be cherished, not just for its beauty, but for the memories it holds.

End With a Smile: Capture and Share

Once your creation is complete, take a moment to capture this shared achievement. These photos are not just images; they're reminders of a bond that grows stronger and more beautiful, much like the jewelry you've created.

On this Mother’s Day, step into Bella Vita Jewelry. It's more than a store; it's a place where stories come to life, where bonds are strengthened, and where every piece of jewelry is as unique as the memories it represents.

April 30, 2024 — Brandy McNair

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