World Earth Day, first observed in 1970, was an initiative spearheaded by Senator Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes. It emerged from the environmental movement of the 1960s in the United States, aiming to educate people about urgent environmental issues. Today, it stands as a global event that not only raises awareness but also inspires change and encourages eco-friendly lifestyles to combat climate change.

Earth Day 2024: Confronting Our Plastic Challenge

The theme for Earth Day 2024, "Planet vs. Plastics," spotlights critical issues like climate change and the necessity for sustainable development. This theme is a powerful educator about environmental concerns and an advocate for change.

A Deeply Personal Journey

For me, as the founder of Bella Vita Jewelry, Earth Day is more than an observance; it's a reflection of my personal and our brand's ethos. The "Planet vs. Plastics" theme for this year hits close to home, underscoring our ongoing fight against plastic pollution and our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Bella Vita Jewelry: Crafting a Story of Sustainability

I founded Bella Vita Jewelry to create pieces that do more than adorn – they tell a story of respect and commitment to our environment. In my journey with Bella Vita Jewelry, I've always strived to go beyond just creating beautiful pieces. The  materials we use in our packaging is recycled, mirroring our commitment to sustainability. This practice is a natural extension of our ethos, where we use ethically sourced materials and artisan techniques to craft our jewelry. By recycling packaging materials, we're reinforcing our dedication to protecting the environment, making every aspect of Bella Vita as eco-conscious as the jewelry we create.

Nature-Inspired Collections: Embracing Earth Day

In our "In The Garden" and "Flower Power" collections, we have several nature-inspired pieces that embody the spirit of Earth Day:

Local Actions, Global Impact: Little Rock's Earth Day Celebrations

In Little Rock, Earth Day 2024 is a vibrant display of community involvement. The city hosts several events that are key to making a difference. For instance, there's an Earth Day Planting Even, a Trail Work Party at Allsopp Park, and the Sunshine Market and Plant Sale at Dunbar Garden. Each of these activities highlights the importance of local action in driving global change. I encourage you to participate in these events and join the community in our shared commitment to the environment. For more details on these events, you can find information at

Five Ways to Embrace Earth Day

  1. Volunteer for Environmental Causes: Participate in local initiatives like we do with Main St cleanups, making a direct impact on community cleanliness.
  2. Reduce Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient habits can significantly lower carbon footprints, contributing to a healthier planet. Start with turning the lights off and raising the thermostat when you leave home. 
  3. Support Sustainable Brands: Choosing eco-friendly brands encourages more businesses to adopt sustainable practices.
  4. Recycle and Repair Jewelry: Revitalizing old jewelry reduces waste. We  repair and reimagine vintage pieces at Bella Vita. Try it with your clothing too!!!
  5. Educate and Spread Awareness: Sharing knowledge fosters a community dedicated to environmental care and sustainability.

Join Us in Making Every Day Earth Day

This Earth Day, and every day, I invite you to join Bella Vita Jewelry in our mission. Visit our store in Little Rock or explore our online store. Let's commit to sustainability, one beautiful piece at a time, and make every day Earth Day.

April 09, 2024 — Brandy McNair

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