I recently had the exciting opportunity to be interviewed by Kerry McCoy, President of Arkansas Flag and Banner, on her radio show called "Up In Your Business".  Every week Kerry and her guests candidly explore the entrepreneurial spirit, and the conversations center around real world advice from business owners, community leaders, and industry experts. It was an honor to be featured on her show and I wanted to share that interview with you this week on the Boss Lady Blog.  Click HERE to listen to Episode 81 of Up In Your Business.

I also wanted to feature Kerry's story, as heard HERE in Episode 77 where she was interviewed by Wilson Kanaday.  I love that they put her on the other side of the microphone during this episode so she could share her story. Even though Kerry and I have just recently met, I am finding her to be extremely inspiring. Even if you aren't interested in selling flags or buying flags, there is a ton of wisdom in her interview. Kerry and I have a lot in common, for instance, we both had several "side hustles" when we started our business before we went full time. I think this is one of the most important take aways and best business advice I can give any entrepreneur these days. Don't be so quick to quit your day job. When I first started Bella Vita I did everything possible to earn a dollar so that I could reinvest all my money back in to my business and then pay my personal bills with money from waiting tables or working at our local bead store. 

I won't spend time giving any more advice or preaching here, just go listen to the interviews linked above. 

Up In Your Business with Kerry McCoy is a weekly radio talk show that features interviews with successful business owners. Kerry explores each guest's story of ambition, entrepreneurship and luck.  This personal and provocative hour of engaging stories is sure to up your business IQ.  Listeners are encouraged to send in comments and questions, so if you are interested in asking a question to Kerry or any of her upcoming guests you can  send an email to questions@upyourbusiness.org.

Kerry's show airs every Friday at 2pm on KABF (88.3FM), and is later made available on YouTube, iTunes and SoundCloud for anyone who missed the live broadcast.  Make sure to subscribe to the Flag and Banner YouTube Channel!  You can also find all the past episodes and read full bios of everyone who has been interviewed at the Flag and Banner website

April 25, 2018 — Brandy McNair


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