Handmade Leather Fillion Journals

$68.00 USD

A Fillion is a high-quality refillable notebook system that you can customize to meet your journaling/planner needs. It could be an Earth-exploring travel journal, refillable sketch book, business meeting accessory, life planner/organizer, field notebook, or just an old fashioned diary…Two books or ten books, a calendar, a pocket, or ALL of the above. 

  • Each Fillion is hand made by Little Mountain Bindery of Fayetteville, AR
  • Made from high quality leather
  • The journal is refillable and is designed to be used with most Moleskine or other journaling products
  • Pairs nicely with our Handmade Lotka Paper Journals
  • Large Size Measurements: 9" x 6"
  • Fillions come with two bookmarks (strings to add charms to), a Fillion bookmark, and a simple binder clip pen holder.