WORKSHOP | October 13th - Intro to Birth Charts

WORKSHOP | October 13th - Intro to Birth Charts

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Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth, and the information held within this chart reflects who you are as a unique and special individual.  The 3 most impactful pieces in your chart are your sun, moon, and rising signs.  Your Sun sign is your personality, your Moon sign is your emotional body or private self, and your Rising sign (or ascendant) is what others see you as.  Join us as we dive into what all this means so that you can better understand yourself and others!

You’ll walk away from the workshop with a beautiful handmade astrological charm necklace unique to you, and a copy of your birth chart and 411 on how to read it!

This workshop is taught by Michelle Rhodes of Moon and Myrrh. It will take place on Thursday, October 13th in the studio space behind Bella Vita Jewelry in Downtown Little Rock from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

1.5 hour workshop includes:
- 3 hand stamped zodiac symbol charms + chain
- an intro to birth charts zine by Moon and Myrrh
- a copy of your birth chart
- a crash course on the basics of your birth chart
- coupon for a natal chart reading with Moon and Myrrh

Fine Print:
*birth date, time, and place are needed in advance of the workshop to have your chart printed. Email with your birth details once you’ve registered and paid for the workshop. This is very important!!
* Spaces are limited; online registration & payment are required to reserve your spot.
*Due to the nature of this event and for planning purposes, all sales are final and non transferable for workshops.
*The workshop will be held in the studio space, which is located inside the building behind Bella Vita. It is only accessed via the double glass door entrance located between the barbershop and Bella Vita Jewelry. (The loft is not accessible through Bella Vita after closing.) This building entrance is locked at all times and requires a fob to get in, so please plan on arriving 5-10 minutes early so that everyone can be let in at once and we may begin on time. Late arrivals after start time will not be allowed in as this is disruptive to other attendees, and tickets will not be refunded.  Please plan to be at those doors by 5:55Please feel free to bring your own beverage or snacks, otherwise all supplies needed are included with your ticket!

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