By Moksha

Wind Up Train

$8.00 USD
These tin trains are so much fun! Wind them up and watch the go!
  • Metal toy
  • Handmade

About the Brand: Moksha
At Moksha, we always believe in fair practices in working with our artists and craftsmen. The charity work that Ramesh started, to help our artists and craftsmen and their family, we are still continuing to do so and will forever do it. Our annual book bank project to help deserving students with their textbooks that we donate to in Trichy, South India, to our various equipment purchases to help our craftspeople in Kutch, India to help them with their work and also the medical assistance we give them annually to help them and their family. All this is possible because of your support.

Thank you once again to our dear customers – we are so glad you enjoy the products we have to offer and be assured that we will always bring new and unique products, with the sense and the pride that we treat our artists and our craftsmen with respect and honor that they deserve for all the wonderful hand- made crafts they make that we offer, through them, to you.