NECKLACE | Paisley
NECKLACE | Paisley
NECKLACE | Paisley

NECKLACE | Paisley

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I have always been fascinated by the button this pendant is made from. It is a "lacy" glass design and dates back to the late 1800's. Paisley is the comma shaped textile pattern that takes its name from the town of Paisley Scotland. My Grandmother had this particular button on a tray of religious buttons and said Paisley is the shape of Krishna's footprint. I've not found a good source that says Krishna's foot prints were paisley... but if you look at your foot print it is a paisley shape!

These pendants are cast by hand from molds of antique buttons that we have collected over the years. Each one is unique and no two are alike.

  • Bronze Token, Gold Plated Chain (also available in sterling silver on a satellite chain)
  • Pendant is approximately 1” in diameter
  • Chain Length - 18” w/ 2" extender chain.
  • Handcrafted in Little Rock Arkansas

Antique buttons have been a huge part of Brandy McNair's life. She started collecting at a young age with her Grandmother Florine who was a collector and dealer. Brandy dreamt of replicating the imagery on the buttons in her jewelry designs and has been fine tuning her skills since she started Bella Vita in 2008.face

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