INCENSE | Retro Incense
INCENSE | Retro Incense

INCENSE | Retro Incense

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First introduced in 1969 Haight-Ashbury, this line was developed to bring the finest of imported Indian incense from the oldest companies to a modern America.
  • Vintage artwork, modern incense.
  • Each package contains 10 - 8" sticks.
  • Made in India, packaged in USA.

About the fragrances:

  • Amberwood - A touch of sweet amber in a sharp clean woody base. 
  • Aphrodisian - A characteristic oriental bouquet with lasting depth.
  • Crystal Vision - Ground amber solids on a stick.
  • Euphoria - A soothing soft and warm elegant bouquet. 
  • Golden Jasmine - Very fine and delicate bouquet.
  • Honeysuckle - A soft, sweet, powdery floral musk.
  • Lime Rose - Crisp rose scent with a touch of tartness.
  • Mandala - Woody sandalwood variation with spicy overtones.
  • Musk - A rich and very exotic floral musk. 
  • Night Champa -  Original aromatic nag champa.
  • Patchouli - Rich long lasting patchouli bouquet.
  • Red Sandalwood - Rich, sweet, woody and peppery.
  • Sacred Lotus - Unique truly "Indian" floral.
  • Sandalwood - Perfect modern day sandalwood fragrance.
  • Thousand Dream - Indias famous ancient Hina.
  • White Jasmine - Incomparably fresh jasmine incense.
  • Wildflower - A stunning lavender-like floral. 
  • Wildwood - High quality sandalwood with a powdery overtone.