Hand Forged Brass Scissors

$28.00 USD
Hand forged scissors!
  • 9" length
  • Made in India.
  • Enjoy the story below.

  • About the Scissors:
    It can be difficult to know fact from fiction, so we would like to provide this account of how the Parveen Scissors came to be.

    Perhaps more than 2 decades ago - John Thompson and Steve Kohn, owners of an import company called HomeFront discovered the wonders of these splendid hand forged scissors during one of their buying trips to India and decided to introduce them to their customers. The exporter with whom they were working found a manufacturer by the name of Praveen to make the first order. As a finishing touch John and Steve requested the manufacturer put his name on the scissors and for reasons not known - but perhaps by mistake - the craftsmen etched all the scissors with Parveen instead of Praveen. In India Praveen is normally a male name and Parveen a female. Nevertheless, the name stayed and for a while HomeFront used the same manufacturer for their scissors.

    Praveen closed his manufacturing unit a few years later but the scissors had become quite popular with HomeFront customers who asked the name be continued with other manufacturers. So it did. When Natural Habitat took on the scissors’ import after John and Steve retired, they were on our 4th or 5th supplier, each continuing to etch Parveen on their scissors.

    Parveen Hand Forged Scissors are still to this day hand-made and from a manufacturing sector where the handicraft skills do pass on from one generation to the next. Each scissor is signed Parveen because of the brilliance of HomeFront , a mistake made by a craftsman, and thousands of customers over the years recognising it is all in a name.