BOOK | SIGNS: 2022 Lunar Journal

BOOK | SIGNS: 2022 Lunar Journal

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The second edition of SIGNS, a journal to accompany your 2022 lunar rituals and help you build an intentional mindfulness practice. SIGNS includes:

  • a ‘how-to’ for use of the guide
  • descriptions for each zodiac sign
  • the details for all New & Full Moons of 2022 and ritual instructions for every month
  • Uncovering: unique prompts for intention setting, with space for writing and prompts for each New & Full Moon
  • a tarot spread for each lunation
  • NEW for this year’s guide: additional space for gratitude journaling and as requested, much more writing room!

Written, Designed, and © Michelle Rhodes.

5.5x8.5” paperback book, printed on natural paper by a small family owned printing company in the USA.