Embroidered Tote Bag

$38.00 USD

 This creative tote is made by women from Giza Governorate in Cairo, where they use 100% Egyptian cotton and wool threads to embroider on everyday products; these designs are inspired from the life of the Egyptian peasants, their work and the nature around them. This Tote takes 2 days to be finalized by two women, where one is responsible for the drawings and another for the handmade embroidery. To preserve the colors, this tote should be hand-washed.

  • Approximate dimensions:  14 " X 12" plus the straps
  • Made in Egypt
  • Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, kindly be informed that product size, shape, & color may slightly vary. 
  • Each bag is one of a kind.

About the Brand: Gebraa Egyptian Craft
We have two main drives; the first is to secure a good future for our children, so we have to be capable of providing them their basic needs in having shelter and food before trying to educate them by creating job opportunities while focusing on the handicrafts since Egypt has a competitive edge in this sector as Egypt has a very long history of many generations of traditional guilds of handicrafts. The Egyptian product has its unique form according to its origins.
Our second motive is that being an Egyptian can be confusing in relation to our identity are we Africans, Arabs, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern?! This is untrue because we forgot about our roots going through handicrafts and the historical value they bring with it a lot of light on the Egyptians true identity.

Our Vision
A world where people are celebrating each others’ cultures and taking pride in theirs. In which marginalized craftsmen and local communities are economically and socially empowered, through the support of conscious customers who are interested in unique cultural handcrafted products.

Our Mission

  1. Protect disappearing Egyptian traditional crafts using mostly natural resources with a low
    environmental impact.
  2. Build capacity of artisans and help them develop their crafts to create sustainable livelihoods.
  3. Introduce modern Egyptian green handcrafted responsible products through product
    development in design, material, function, and use of Green Technology.
  4. Enhance the societal status of artisans and promote succession among community youth.
  5. Enable peasants and women to find employment in their rural and remote communities, hence
    reduce immigration rates to Cairo and outside Egypt, as well as to empower women.
  6. Fund community development projects in different artisan communities across the country to
    encourage them develop their craft.
  7. Promote the Egyptian culture and support the world’s cultural diversity.