NOTE BOOK | Dear Self

NOTE BOOK | Dear Self

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The "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad is the place for your customers to store their thoughts whether they come to your customer in the form of words or as doodles and drawings that inspire them. We intentionally created a writing tool that would be as versatile as your customers' brilliant brains. For fans of our "Dear Self," Prompt Deck, the "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad makes the perfect companion for their prompt answers and introspective writing. What to Expect: The "Dear Self," Notepad + Sketchpad is a two-in-one pad. When flipped on one side, all of the pages are notepad pages. When flipped on the opposite side, all of the pages are sketchpad pages. The pad ships wrapped in shrink-wrap. The pad feels thick but not too heavy to carry with you throughout your day. It'll fit nicely in a large purse, a backpack, or a work bag.


  • 120 Total Pages
  • 60 Notepad Pages
  • 60 Sketchpad Pages
  • 215 GSM Paper Gold
  • Wirebound
  • Dimensions: 9” x 6"
  • Made In USA